Rare red-breasted merganser nest on Terschelling island

This video is called Red-breasted Merganser courtship display.

Wardens of the Boschplaat nature reserve on Terschelling island in the Netherlands report seeing a red-breasted merganser with ducklings.

So, a case of nesting for this species, rare in the Netherlands.

Only about 35-45 couples nest in the Netherlands usually. Mostly not in the Wadden Sea region, though there was a case on Griend island.

Muscovy ducks in love, video

This video is about muscovy ducks in love.

Cor van de Veen from Baarn in the Netherlands made the video.

Ducks, ducks, dabchicks and whitethroat

Common pochards, 25 May 2014

Still 17 May 2015. After the early morning in Meijendel nature reserve, we arrived at a lake where these pochard ducks swam.

Common pochard male, 25 May 2014

There were males.

Common pochard male and female, 25 May 2014

And females as well.

There was a redshank too, but it did not want to be photographed.

A little grebe, also known as dabchick, swimming.

A male tufted duck swimming as well.

A bluethroat singing on a bush.

A chiffchaff sings.

We arrive at another lake.

A reed warbler sings, somewhere in a reedbed.

A garden warbler sings in a tree.

A male and a female reed bunting together in a tree.

Little grebes, 17 May 2014

Dabchicks swimming.

A rabbit crosses the footpath.

Garden tiger moth, 17 May 2014

A garden tiger moth caterpillar.

Garden tiger moth, Meijendel, 17 May 2014

Not the only specimen of this species today.

Whitethroat, 17 May 2014

Again, a whitethroat singing. One of the most common birds in Meijendel.

Seaside pansies, 17 May 2014

Seaside pansy flowers.

Egyptian geese and red-crested pochards, 17 May 2014

Another lake, with red-crested pochard ducks and Egyptian geese.

A female stonechat on a bush.

A chaffinch.

A juvenile common frog.

Clove-scented broomrape flowers.

Also about Meijendel: here.

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Mallard ducklings jump at Irish university building, video

This video says about itself:

Ducklings take leap of faith on UCD campus

6 May 2014

On my way through University College Dublin campus I came across a Mother duck with her ducklings and they brightened up my day. Make sure you watch this until the end!

Mandarin duck and wood duck ducklings are known for jumping out of tree nests shortly after hatching. I did not know yet about mallard ducklings like in this video.

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Ruddy and non-ruddy shelducks and hobby

Grey heron, 21 April 2014

Just after the two little ringed plovers of my earlier blog post, on 21 April 2014 in the “Baillon’s crake reserve”, this grey heron.

Greenfinch, 21 April 2014

A greenfinch on a small tree.

Northern lapwing chick, 21 April 2014

Then, three still very small northern lapwing chicks on a muddy shore.

We hear the lesser whitethroat, but don’t see it, unlike two days ago here.

Ruddy shelduck, 21 April 2014

In the northern meadow, a rare bird: a ruddy shelduck. It grazes. eventually, an Egyptian goose drives it away.

Hobby flying, 21 April 2014

A hobby flies past. Also, an unusual species here.

As we go back along the other side of the southern lake, we see barnacle geese. And a muscovy duck.

Shelduck male, 21 April 2014

In a lakelet, a shelduck couple. While a redshank wades between them.

Shelducks flying, 21 April 2014

Later, the shelducks fly away (with the female on the foreground of this photo).

Hare, 21 April 2014

Not far away, a hare.

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Long-tailed duck spring hunting now banned in Finland

This video is called Long-tailed Duck, (Clangula hyemalis).

From BirdLife:

BirdLife Finland succeeds in court battle over endangered species

By Rebecca Langer, Tue, 15/04/2014 – 10:35

The Long-tailed duck is classified worldwide as endangered. In southern Finland, a license for spring hunting of the species was authorized in year 2011, further threatening the survival of the population. BirdLife Finland and its local member organization are working to save the species and lodged a complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland. The complaint proved successful as the Court found the license for spring hunting illegal.

The court decision was based on the unfavourable conservation status of the species and the fact that there is a satisfactory alternative to spring hunting since Long-tailed duck occurs in the area also during the autumn.

Pursuing the complaint required considerable work by the NGO´s: the appeal documents were lengthy and were supported by numerous expert statements, boat research expeditions and long-term monitoring data collected by volunteers at bird research stations. Results of Long-tailed duck counts carried out by neighboring BirdLife Estonia also helped to prove that the population had decreased considerably.

The majority of the long-tailed ducks breeding in northern Europe and western Siberia spend the winter in the Baltic Sea. These birds occur on the coast of Finland especially during spring and autumn migration. What happens to the birds during spring migration in Finland has impacts on the entire Eurasian population of the species.

The BirdLife Partnership hopes that the positive decision by the Finnish Court helps to preserve the species, not only in Finland, but everywhere it migrates.

Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels: here.

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Mallard ducks feeding, video

This is a video about mallard ducks feeding at a bank in the Netherlands.

Twelve-year-old Niklas Haverkate made this video.

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