Torture in United Arab Emirates

This video is called CIA is destroying evidence of their torture tape recordings.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Brother of Dubai police torture victim calls for his release

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Hasnain Ali beaten and threatened with rape after arrest for ‘trumped-up’ drugs charges

The brother of a British man tortured at gunpoint and threatened with rape by Dubai police spoke out for the first time yesterday about the case.

Hasnain Ali, a former bodyguard to members of the Abu Dhabi royal family, will be sentenced today on allegedly trumped-up charges of possessing and selling drugs.

He was on holiday in Dubai in May 2013 when he was arrested, beaten and threatened with Tasers, firearms and rape by police.

Following the ordeal he was made to sign a “confession” in Arabic, which he did not understand, relating to the charges.

This “confession” is being used against him at trial.

“There has been no proper investigation into his torture and we have felt that the authorities have shown more interest in saving face than ensuring that any kind of justice is done,” his brother Jed said.

Legal charity Reprieve is fighting for Hasnain to be acquitted and returned home to Britain to his family.

Breaking news from Reprieve:

A British man arrested and tortured by Dubai police has today been acquitted.

Hasnain Ali (32), from London, was on holiday in Dubai in May 2013 when he was arrested and held for three days without access to a lawyer or his family. While detained he was beaten and threatened with tasers, firearms, and the prospect of sexual assault. Following his torture he was forced to sign a ‘confession’ in Arabic, a language he doesn’t understand, and charged with drugs offences for which he could have been given a death sentence.

See also here.

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Woman saved from jail in Dubai for having been raped

This video is called Free to go: Dubai pardons Norwegian rape case woman.

From the Austrian Times:

30. 01. 14. – 13:00

Sebastian Kurz under pressure to secure release of Austrian woman in Dubai

Sebastian Kurz (OEVP) is facing his first big test as Austria’s new Foreign Minister as the pressure builds to secure the release of an Austrian woman who was arrested in Dubai after reporting her rape to police in Dubai.

The 29-year-old Viennese was arrested by police for having illegal sex in December after she went to them to report that she had been raped in an underground car park by a man from Yemen. The police also told her she could escape the charges if she agreed to marry the man she says attacked her.

Over 100,000 people

250,000 people, according to other sources

have now signed an online petition in support of her release and campaign activists have called on Kurz, the youngest ever Finance Minister, to make it happen.

“Sebastian Kurz must ensure that Dubai will return the young Austrian to her family and her friends,” said Christopher Schott, Campaign Director of global campaigning organisation Avaaz.

Kurz has sent a high level crisis team to Dubai and has done “everything in his power to help the Austrian”, according to the Foreign Ministry.

A similar case last year caused an outcry when a Norwegian woman was sentenced to 16 months in prison after reporting her own rape. She was eventually pardoned and was allowed to return to Norway.

The mass campaign to free this Austrian woman has succeeded; she is back in Austria.

The rapist was a policeman’s son.

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Dubai jails Norwegian woman for having been raped

This video is called Woman Sent To Jail For Getting Raped – Marte Deborah Dalelv.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Raped Norwegian warns about Dubai

Sunday 21 July 2013

by Our Foreign Desk

A Norwegian woman who was given a 16-month jail term in Dubai after reporting being raped has warned other outsiders about misunderstanding the city’s legal system.

Marte Deborah Dalelv had worked for an interior design firm in Qatar since 2011 and said she was sexually assaulted by a coworker while on a business trip to Dubai.

She said she fled down to the hotel reception, where staff questioned her desire to report the incident to the police.

Police gave the 24-year-old a medical examination and blood test for alcohol, she said.

She was then detained for four days, accused of having sex outside of marriage – a crime not normally pressed against foreigners.

Ms Dalelv called her stepfather in Norway from prison. “He answered the phone so I said that I had been raped, I am in prison … please call the embassy,” she said.

“And then I went back and I … just had a breakdown. It was very emotional, to call my dad and tell him what happened.”

Diplomats managed to secure her release and she is staying at the Norwegian Seamen’s Centre in Dubai while she prepares her September appeal.

Ms Dalelv said the man who attacked her was handed a 13-month sentence – three fewer than she got – for extra-marital sex and alcohol consumption.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth said: “This verdict flies in the face of our notion of justice,” calling it “highly problematic from a human rights perspective.”

UPDATE: as a result of public indignation, Ms Dalelv has been pardoned.
See also here. Unfortunately, her rapist was pardoned as well.

Britain, the United Arab Emirates, and torture

This video is called Human Rights Abuse in the United Arab Emirates on BBC World News.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Take sheikh to task on torture, PM told

Thursday 25 April 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron faced pressure today to take on the United Arab Emirates over its human rights abuses during President Khalifa bin Zayed’s state visit to Britain on Tuesday.

In a letter to Mr Cameron organisations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Reprieve said the country was guilty of “discriminatory and disproportionate response to peaceful criticism, its severe violations of due process and fair trial rights, and credible reports of torture – including the alleged torture of three British nationals.”

The letter cites a number of specific incidents, including the alleged torture by Dubai police of three Britons – Grant Cameron, Karl Williams and Suneet Jeerh in July last year.

The three say they were subjected to beatings and electric shocks and forced to sign documents in Arabic which they could not not understand, before being charged with drugs offences.

The groups accuse the UAE of failing to properly investigate the alleged mistreatment in breach of international law instead proceeding with their trial, calling the police involved in their torture as witnesses against them.

The three Britons have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and a verdict is expected in the trial on Monday, the day before the sheikh’s arrival in Britain.

Reprieve investigator Kate Higham said: “Rolling out the red carpet for a regime which has tortured our fellow citizens will be seen as deeply unsettling by many Britons.

“It is therefore crucial that the torture of three British tourists by Dubai police, and the wider context of human rights abuses across the UAE, is at the top of the agenda during this visit.”