Brussels demonstration against Syria war, 8 September

This video from The Hague, The Netherlands, shows the beginning near the Peace Palace last Saturday, of the demonstration then against war in Syria.

Sunday 8 September, 5pm, there will be a demonstration in Brussels, Belgium against war on Syria.

That is one day before the United States Congress will vote about a possible military attack.

The demonstration will be at the United States embassy in Brussels, Regentlaan.

Britain: Anti-war demonstrators expected as #arms fair returns to Newham – Newham Recorder: here.

Kerry’s cosy dinner with Syria’s ‘Hitler’: United States Secretary of State and the man he likened to the German dictator are pictured dining with their wives at Damascus restaurant before civil war broke out: here.

Peregine falcons born on Brussels cathedral webcam

This video from 17 April 2013 shows the female peregrine falcon in the nest on Brussels cathedral feeding her chicks for the first time.

From the Falcons for everyone site in Belgium:

Peregrines on the cathedral 2013

Welcome to the summit of the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in the heart of Brussels!

It is the tenth year in a row that a pair of Peregrine falcons, the fastest bird in the World, breeds on the tower of this 1000 year old cathedral. Almost exterminated from Europe and North America not long ago, this splendid bird of prey breeds now in the center of a city where a million inhabitants live. This year, the female has layed 5 eggs since early March.

In order to allow you to observe live and in detail the spectacle of the hatching, the chicks growing up and finally the juvenile Peregrines first flight, we have installed a system of cameras connected in streaming to this website. Do you want to learn more on the natural history of this fascinating raptor? Go to the blog! Would you like to see them ‘in the flesh’? Join us at the Observation Post that wil be installed at the cathedral parvis from 2 April until 26 May 2013! We will show you the falcons through a powerful telescope.

Welcome to the website of the Brussels peregrines!

Also from this site:

17 April Wednesday

Yesterday was calm. Since the first cries of the chicks on Monday nothing new had happened.

But at 22:04:20 the female stood up slightly and looked attentively beneath her. It was pretty hard to see what exactly drew her attention. Five seconds later she turned to the camera and … a falcon hatched from his egg! Mother falcon helped her young; she encouraged it, and he came out of the egg. His plumage was completely soaked; the female leaned against him to protect him from the cold and to further incubate the four other eggs. The first chick of 2013 was born! The 25th chick for this female.

This morning a second and a third falcon hatched also.

Stop one-sided NATO war propaganda in Belgium

From 18-27 October in Brussels, Belgium, there will be a so-called “Freedom Festival”, organized by the local government and NGOs.

At first sight, it looks promising:

Political and artistic, intercultural and creative, festive and subversive, Festival des Libertés returns each autumn to mobilise all forms of expression in order to offer an overview of the state of rights and freedoms around the world, to point out lurking dangers, to bring people together in a fun, relaxing atmosphere, to encourage resistance and to promote solidarity.

Resistance against what or against whom, one may ask?

This video from Britain is called Jamie Shea, NATO spin doctor.

As Belgian peace movement intal reports (translated from their Dutch):

The Freedom Festival on 22 October will give the floor to NATO spin doctor Jamie Shea. Title of the ‘debate’: «Should we intervene in Syria?». A strange ‘debate’, however, because in the panel there is no critical opponent of Shea. So Jamie Shea will get a platform without any speaker questioning NATO’s intervention policies.

We demand: there should be an opponent of Jamie Shea speaking, who should be able to criticize his views. The audience has a right to that.

For more information about Jamie Shea and how you can support this demand, please visit this link [in Dutch, but can be translated with Google Translate etc.]:

You may of course publish this open letter on Facebook and other social media.

Part of the info on the intal site, translated from Dutch:

Who is Jamie Shea?

The world knows Jamie Shea as the public relations face of the Kosovo war of 1999, when NATO for 78 days and nights bombed Yugoslavia. That was an illegal war waged in violation of international law and without a UN mandate.

During its aggression NATO was guilty of numerous violations of the laws of war, including the deliberate bombing of civilian targets. Today no one can deny that this “humanitarian war” was based on lies, deception and manipulation – with anything but altruistic goals at stake.

Jamie Shea is still at NATO today, as Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges.