Great cormorants video

This video is about great cormorants in Boswachterij Dorst in the Netherlands.

Chris Grootzwager made the video.

Dancing wren video

This video is about a wren dancing on a branch, while in the background his or her partner digs, and a chiffchaff sings.

In October, Michel Elbers made this video in Laarbeek (North Brabant province, the Netherlands).

Brook lamprey returns to Dutch stream

This is a brook lamprey video.

The Dutch ichthyologists of RAVON report about the brook lamprey today.

This species needs clean streams. Pollution killed many brook lampreys during the twentieth century in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant.

Recently, water quality improved in many places. This autumn, brook lampreys were reintroduced to the Reusel brook.

Black roe deer, brown roe deer, video

This is a video about a black roe deer and a brown roe deer, in Oosterheide woodland near Teteringen town in the Netherlands.

Luuk de Greef made the video.

Cranes come back to Dutch nature reserve

This video is called common crane (Europe journey).

Translated from Leo Ballering, of the birdwatching society in Uden in the Netherlands:

September 5, 2014

The Palmven lake, restored in 2013 near the Brobbelbies in nature reserve Maashorst in North Brabant turns out to be a magnet for rare birds. Species are seen that are very rare in the region, including long-tailed skua, avocet, Eurasian spoonbill, ruff, dunlin, purple heron and black stork, due to the wetness of the area. Even cranes have stayed overnight again, that had not happened for fifty years. It is intended to purchase the entire area in the coming years and to continue to make it a real wetland.

Middle spotted woodpecker, video

This is a video about a middle spotted woodpecker in Plantloon nature reserve in the Netherlands.

In 1997, this species started to nest again in the Netherlands, and now there are over 100 nesting couples.

Christ Grootzwager made the video.

Ninety white storks take off for migration

This video is about a white stork feeding.

Translated from daily De Stem in Noord Brabant province in the Netherlands today:

HANK – It was an impressive sight this Friday afternoon in Hank: a group of about 90 [white] storks took to the air. First the animals flew a few circles to make height. Then the group flew toward the southeast.