Murderer Breivik’s German nazi links

This video from Britain:

Anders Breivik not first terrorist linked to EDL

People oppose the EDL because of what it is, not because of what some EDL activists say they’d like it to be, and the facts are simple – the EDL is being used as a Trojan horse by Nazis and BNP activists.

From Reuters:

Norway killer Breivik wrote to German far-right suspect: Spiegel

BERLIN | Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:08pm EST

Anders Behring Breivik, who slaughtered 77 people in Norway last year, has written to a far-right gang member in Germany charged with helping in a series of racist killings, calling her a hero of national resistance, a German magazine reported.

Der Spiegel weekly reproduced on Sunday part of the letter the far-right Breivik sent to Beate Zschaepe, charged this month with involvement in the murders of nine immigrants – including eight from Turkey – and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007.

Zschaepe was a member of an underground cell called the National Socialist Underground (NSU), which police discovered by chance about a year ago. Two other male members of the gang were found dead.

The case raised concerns that German authorities had underestimated for decades the far-right threat. Several top intelligence officials have resigned since media revealed documents possibly linked to the NSU had been shredded.

Breivik addressed Zshaepe as “Dear Sister”, according to Der Spiegel, in his letter dated May 7, 2012 – a time when he was on trial in Oslo. “We are both among the first rain drops which indicate that there is a massive purifying storm approaching Europe,” the letter read.

“We are both martyrs for the conservative revolution and you should be extremely proud of your sacrifice and efforts. Know that your sacrifice is being celebrated in northern Europe by tens of thousands of cultural conservatives,” he wrote.

Breivik, who set off a bomb in Oslo before going on a shooting rampage on an island where teenagers were on a summer camp, was found sane by the Oslo court in August and jailed for the maximum 21-year term, although this can be extended. He saw himself as a warrior against Islam.

Der Spiegel also reported that Breivik called on Zaepsche to use her trial as a platform to espouse her views, as he had tried to do, but the magazine did not show that part of the letter.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Federal Prosecutor Harald Range said he believed Zschaepe, who gave herself up, was involved in all the murders. The trio had “planned everything, organized everything and in the end carried out everything together”, he said.

(Reporting By Madeline Chambers; editing by David Stamp)

Holocaust and warming denying nazi Griffin to Copenhagen

Nick Griffin, Führer of the British Nazi … err … “National” Party, denies Adolf Hitler‘s mass murder of six million Jews and many millions of others.

That is not the only thing that he is in denial about.

This is a video about oil corporation Exxon bankrolling global warming denialists.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Griffin to represent EU at Copenhagen summit

Sunday 29 November 2009

by Paddy McGuffin

The leader of the fascist BNP Nick Griffin is to represent the European Parliament at the Copenhagen climate change talks, it has been announced.

The BNP claimed that Mr Griffin‘s attendance at the summit would be a major coup, but others insisted that his role would be minimal.

Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said that the views held by Mr Griffin, who has claimed that climate change is a “Marxist mantra” and has disputed the evidence, were both irresponsible and in error.

Mr Miliband said:”Nick Griffin cannot and does not represent the views of the people of the UK or of Europe.”

“His views on climate change are irresponsible and wrong.

“He will not be part of the formal Copenhagen negotiations and, rightly, he will not be listened to by anyone with any credibility who is part of these negotiations.”

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and former MEP Chris Huhne said: “Nick Griffin was always going to get some role in the European Parliament, because jobs are divvied up fairly.

“The crying shame is that he is representing Europe at a key summit for the future of humanity when he does not even concede that man-made climate change exists.”

The subject of this video is The Marshall Institute is a key player in the climate change denial industry.

A new report, America’s Hottest Species, highlights a variety of American wildlife that is currently threatened by climate change from a small bird to a coral reef to the world’s largest marine turtle: here.

Group promoting climate skepticism has extensive ties to Exxon-Mobil: here.

Birds and climate change: indicators of a changing world: here.

Global Cooling? Tell It to the Jellyfish: here.

A former British National Party member was jailed for 11 years last week for hiding a large cache of weapons in his mother’s house: here.

UNDER the headline “‘Neo-Nazi gran’ hired as aide to BNP member on London Assembly”, the London Evening Standard has exposed the fact that the notorious far-right activist Tess Culnane is working at City Hall as a PA to Richard Barnbrook. There is also good coverage of the case by Adam Bienkov at Liberal Conspiracy. It is however worth examining Culnane’s political record in more detail, since the employment of such an individual in the office of the BNP’s most prominent London politician tells us a lot about the BNP’s claim that it is now a mainstream party that has put its neo-Nazi past behind it: here.