Beaver and lapwings, video

This is a video about a beaver in Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands; featuring some sleepy northern lapwings.

Marco Valk made the video.

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Recovered sea eagle flies to Lauwersmeer

This Dutch video is about setting free a young sea eagle, after it had recovered in Zundert bird asylum from poisoining.

Regional TV RTV Noord in the Netherlands reports that a white-tailed eagle was photographed in Lauwersmeer nature reserve.

The rings on the photo proved that this was the young sea eagle which had been poisoned last autumn. It recovered in a bird asylum in Zundert. After recovery, it was freed last October in Biesbosch nature reserve. The bird had not been seen since.

Apparently, it flew all the way from the southern Netherlands to the Lauwersmeer in the north. There are now five sea eagles in the Lauwersmeer reserve.

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Will young sea eagle survive?

This video from the Netherlands is about white-tailed eagles in the Biesbosch nature reserve in July this year.

Translated from Vroege Vogels TV in the Netherlands today:

The young sea eagle, which was found recently in a yard in Hank, is now at the Bird Rehabilitation Center Zundert for convalescence. When the young raptor was brought in, it was in a bad shape and it could not eat without help. It is a youngster which hatched this year in the Biesbosch. Cause: most likely poisoning. Will the young eagle survive?

Beavers rebuilding their lodge, video

This video is about beavers in Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands.

They are bringing branches to their lodge to reconstruct it.

Peacock caterpillars video

This video shows caterpillars of peacock butterflies, on stinging nettles in Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands.

The video is by Svdpluym.

Dutch beaver videos

This is a video of a beaver at a bank in the Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands.

The video is by Klucas.

This video is about the birth of a young beaver in the Biesbosch.

June 2013. Since 2005 the Welsh Beaver Project, which is led by the six Wildlife Trusts in Wales, has been investigating the feasibility of undertaking a managed reintroduction of beavers to Wales for the many benefits their presence can bring to wildlife, the environment and the economy. After much investigation and consideration, the River Rheidol (which enters Cardigan Bay through Aberystwyth) is looking like the most promising site for an initial pilot reintroduction and local consultation is underway: here.

August 2013. The UK’s only licensed re-introduction of Eurasian beavers at Knapdale in Argyll, the Scottish Beaver Trial, has announced five newly born beavers – known as kits – have been spotted: here.

Two sea eaglets born in the Netherlands

This video is from Sweden, about white-tailed eagles (and a raven) in winter.

Translated from Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands:

Two sea eagles born in Biesbosch nature reserve

Published on Monday, April 22, 2013

Bird watchers have discovered two white downy eaglets in the white-tailed eagle nest in the Biesbosch.

Ranger Thomas van der Es: “We knew that there was a young bird when we peered through a telescope at the nest. Last week we saw the distinctive feeding behavior of the female. She bended over with tiny pieces of meat in her huge bill. We did not see the two chicks then yet.”

In 2012, the presence of an eaglet was confirmed in mid-May. So, this year the couple is almost a month earlier. The female was already brooding in February. They braved snow and a nasty east wind. The two youngsters will stay at the nest for about five, six more weeks before they will fledge.

Dutch beaver lodge webcam

This video is about beavers in Limburg province in the Netherlands.

Here is the Internet site of a webcam at a beaver lodge in the Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands.

The webcam will start to work in a few days’ time.

Dutch geese and swans counted

This video says about itself:

Part of a flock of an estimated 30,000 Barnacle Geese flies over our heads in February 2010.
Filmed in the Netherlands on a weekend tour with Birding Holland.

Translated from the Dutch SOVON ornithologists:

In the first two weekends of December, a total of more than 100,000 geese were counted in the four areas. Leader was the Biesbosch with 41,000 geese, followed by 37,000 geese in the Oostvaardersplassen. The most common species in the two areas was the white-fronted goose, followed by the gray lag goose and barnacle goose. Also in the Wieden the white-fronted goose was most common, with more than 17,000 individuals. In Fochteloërveen the tundra bean goose, with over 3,700 birds, was the top scorer.

Surprising were the Oostvaardersplassen white-fronted geese: they left in considerable groups across the IJsselmeer to North-Holland. Another beautiful phenomenon was the gathering of Bewick’s swans in the Biesbosch with on January 19, more than 1,500 birds. It is estimated that this means about ten percent of the total western flyway of this species. In both areas during the count sea eagles were seen, which caused panic among the geese. The two cranes seen in the Fochteloërveen, presumably local breeding birds, were special as well.