Orchids of Ameland island

This video is called Japanese wild orchid hunt: the search for Calanthe sieboldii.

On 21 September 2014, Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands reported about the Groene Strand beach on Ameland island.

New sand dunes are forming there. They attract special plant species.

Including the rare fen orchid.

Other orchid species there: southern marsh orchid; early marsh orchid; and marsh helleborine.

Almere orchids destroyed: here.

Common vole on Ameland island, video

This is a video about a common vole on Ameland island in the Netherlands.

The vole was feeding on grass next to a cycle track.

Ronald made this video in August 2014.

Rare plant discovery on Ameland island

Rock sea lavender

Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reports that a flowering plant species, new for the Netherlands, has been discovered on Ameland island.

It is Limonium binervosum, rock sea lavender. This species used to be endemic to Britain and Guernsey, Wikipedia says. And Spain and France, Vroege Vogels says.

Over 100 rock sea lavender plants have been found recently on Ameland, making it the most northerly and easterly place for this species.

See also here.

Caspian terns’ new roosting place on sandbank discovered

This video from California in the USA is called Caspian Terns Up Close & Personal.

Warden Nico Jonker on Ameland island in the Netherlands reports about a recently discovered roosting place for Caspian terns.

Since the beginning of this month, about 10-22 Caspian terns gather on Engelsmanplaat sandbank, east of Ameland, to sleep.

This biggest of tern species is rare in the Netherlands. On 15 August, the Caspian terns will be counted again.

Hermit crab invasion, video

This video is about an invasion of small hermit crabs in the North Sea near Ameland island in the Netherlands early this June.

Ronal.Anneloes made this video.

First ever tawny owl on Ameland island

This video from Britain says about itself:

An Introduction to the Tawny Owl (Strix aluco)

This short film by owl conservationist Ian McGuire takes a brief look at the familiar too-whit too-whoo nocturnal owl of woodlands – the tawny owl.

Marjan, warden on Ameland in the Netherlands, writes that three owl species already have long histories on the island: short-eared owl, long-eared owl, and barn owl.

Since about a year, there is a fourth owl species, new for Ameland: a tawny owl lives in the Kwekerijbos woodland near Nes village. People hear its call regularly.

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Dutch Sandwich tern, Ameland to Namibia migration

This video from England is called Sandwich terns return to RSPB Coquet Island.

Marjan, warden on Ameland island in the Netherlands, reports that in June 2013 a Sandwich tern was ringed at a nesting colony on the island.

Recently, people spotted that bird in Namibia in Africa.

Will it have a succesful spring migration, all the long way back to Ameland?

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