Shiny underwater animals biology, video

This video says about itself:

Biologist Illuminates Glowing Underwater World

27 October 2014

National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer and marine biologist David Gruber studies animals that glow and shine underwater. Using special filters, he captures dazzling sights of marine creatures that use light—through bioluminescence or fluorescence—to interact in dark habitats.

Festoon moth caterpillar, video

This video shows a festoon moth caterpillar in the Netherlands.

Christ Grootzwagers made the video.

Red fox and badger, video

This video is about a red fox and a badger in the Netherlands.

Gerrie van der Meulen and her brother Theo made the video.

Dutch shrew video

This is a video about a shrew in the Netherlands.

Beerke made the video.

Migratory birds video

This video from BirdLife in Greece says about itself:

Leaving is living

Every year 500.000 migratory birds are illegally killed.

Help them make a safe journey back home.

Giant isopods feeding on dead fish

This video from Japan is about giant isopods feeding fast on a dead fish.