British EDL nazi soldier sentenced for nail bomb building

This video says about itself:

Crimes That Shook Britain – The London Nail Bomber

22 November 2013

David Copeland (born 15 May 1976) is an English Neo-Nazi militant who became known as the “London Nail Bomber” after a 13-day bombing campaign in April 1999 aimed at London’s black, Bangladeshi and gay communities that resulted in three people killed and more than a hundred injured.

Widely labelled a terrorist, Copeland was a former member of two far right political groups, the British National Party and then the National Socialist Movement. Over three successive weekends between 17 and 30 April, Copeland placed homemade nail bombs, each containing up to 1,500 four-inch nails, in holdalls that he left in public spaces around London.

The first bomb was placed outside the Iceland supermarket in Electric Avenue, Brixton, an area of south London with a large black population. The second was in Brick Lane in the East End of London, which has a large Bangladeshi community. The third was inside the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho’s Old Compton Street, the heart of London’s gay community.

The bombs killed three people, including a pregnant woman, and injured 139, four of whom lost limbs. Copeland was diagnosed by five psychiatrists as having paranoid schizophrenia, while one diagnosed a personality disorder not serious enough to avoid a charge of murder. His plea of guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility was not accepted by the prosecution or jury. He was convicted of murder on 30 June 2000, and given six concurrent life sentences. In 2007 the High Court ruled that he must serve at least 50 years.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Far-right extremist British soldier jailed for two years for building nail bomb

Ryan McGee kept bomb in his room with a collection of weapons

Jon Stone

Friday 28 November 2014

A British soldier with far-right political sympathies has been jailed for two years for building a nail bomb.

Ryan McGee, 20, constructed the device and packed it with 181 metal screws, bits of glass and explosives inside a glass jar.

Police discovered the device while they searched a home in Eccles, Greater Manchester, in connection with an unrelated investigation in November last year. Prosecutors said the bomb was “viable”.

Officers also found a collection of guns, knives and extremist right-wing material in McGee’s room, as well as the bomb-making manual The Anarchist Cookbook. The walls of the room had English Defence League (EDL) flags on them.

The soldier, who was arrested whilst serving in Germany, admitted to possessing a document containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, and to a second charge of making an explosive device.

The court heard McGee kept a journal entitled Ryan’s Story Book with stickers of Scooby Doo and birds on the front filled with drawings of guns, machetes, knuckledusters and knives and images of several paramilitary soldiers. It also contained references to right-wing groups such as the National Front, KKK and BNP, the court heard.

At sentencing, Recorder of London Brian Barker said the device could have done damage “in the wrong hands”.

“The fact of the matter is any explosive device in the wrong hands could cause untold misery to anyone on the receiving end. Sadly, we live in a violent age. Let’s be quite clear that any experimentation by anybody with these kinds of weapons must lead to severe sentences.”

Following the sentencing, Detective Superintendent Simon Barraclough, from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said McGee had “stepped well over the mark of what can be considered acceptable behaviour”.

“McGee had in his possession a viable improvised device and the material and knowledge of how to make it. He clearly set out to make the device, which could have seriously injured or possibly killed members of the public,” he said.

British Establishment sexual abuse update


From daily The Independent in Britain:

Westminster sex abuse scandal: Ex-Cabinet minister ‘was photographed in the sauna with a naked boy at Elm Guest House’

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith said photos of establishment figures and evidence of abuse ‘evaporated’ after police raid

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

Friday 28 November 2014

A former cabinet minster was photographed with a naked boy in the sauna of notorious guest house at the centre of the historic Westminster child abuse allegations, it has been claimed.

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has alleged that a series of photographs of “establishment figures” that had visited the guest house, along with logbooks, names, times and dates detailing their attendance, had been kept by one of the Elm Guest House owners.

Carol Kasir, one of the owners of the guest house, had told a child protection campaigner that she had owned photographs of the guest house’s visitors, where boys in care had been “brought in for sex”, Mr Goldsmith claimed in Parliament on Thursday.

But the evidence, including information from 12 boys alleging abuse, “evaporated” after a 1982 police raid on the guest house, after which Ms Kasir and her husband Haroon were given suspended sentences for “running a disorderly house” Mr Goldsmith told the House.

Mr Goldsmith claimed that Ms Kasir died a few years later in “very odd circumstances”.

Read more: Westminster child abuse gang ‘linked to boy’s murder’

‘Kidnapped boy may have been abused and murdered’ say police

Alleged murder could have been ‘covered up’ says top detective

In a backbench debate into the progress of the Government’s inquiry into historic sex abuse, Mr Goldsmith told the Commons: “When Ms Kasir died a few years after the house was raided in very odd circumstances, a child protection campaigner from the National Association of Young People in Care called for a criminal investigation into events at Elm Guest House.

“He said that he’d been told by Ms Kasir that boys had been brought in from the local children’s home, in Richmond also, Grafton Place, had been brought in for sex.

“And that she had all kinds of photographs of establishment figures at her hotel,” he said.

“One of them allegedly showed a former cabinet minister in the sauna with a naked boy.

“She had logbooks, names, times, dates, pictures of her customers and so on.

“All that evidence simply disappeared after the raid. It no longer exists.

“That surely is astonishing,” he said.

Scotland Yard is already facing allegations of a “cover up” over the disappearance of an eight-year-old boy in the 1980s, whose father believes may have died at the hands of the Westminster paedophile ring.

Police are currently conducting an investigation into a “possible homicide” in connection with its inquiry into a paedophile ring with links to Parliament.

Last week a senior detective who worked had worked on an unsolved case of child murder in the 1980s said she feared there could have been a “cover up,” and that she sometimes felt there had been “a feeling of misuse of power” surrounding allegations of the Westminster paedophile ring.

Southern African birds, new app

This video, from and about North America, is called Bird watching apps.

From The Independent daily in South Africa:

Conservation app for birders

November 28 2014 at 08:25am


Durban – A new phone application could change the way bird conservation is carried out – and also help fight poaching.

The app, called Birdlasser, was showcased at the Nurturing Environmental Sustainability Through Technology summit at the Manyoni Bush Camp in Mkuze at the weekend.

The free technology encourages users to log bird sightings they make and enter the information in the app. The data then gets sent to the Animal Demography Unit at the University of Cape Town and becomes available for academics, people doing environmental impact assessments, conservation companies – as well as the public.

The entire process, from the time someone logs the information to being received in Cape Town, takes just three minutes.

The information will also form part of the Southern African Bird Atlasing Project 2, an update of the previous project which was conducted between 1987 and 1991.

The project will help provide an understanding of the changes bird populations have gone through in terms of habitat and population.

Birdlasser creator Henk Nel said: “It started with a vision four years ago on how technology can work towards conservation. I saw birding needed technology. There were apps, but they were not professionally done.”

Nel, 39, said although the idea had been percolating in his head for four years, actual software development started last November and was completed in August.

He has put his life savings into the project and says that, despite this, he has the support of his family. But it had not been an easy road.

“I am aware that not everything goes smoothly. I have learned not to be too emotionally involved in the project even though the project feels like my baby.”

He has learned to take advice from his colleagues about various aspects of the project, he said.

He describes the response to the project as “overwhelming.” The app will have a competitive edge too. A list of top spotters who have the most spottings will be posted on the Facebook page.

According to Nel the “gamification” of the app will encourage enthusiasts to do as much bird watching as possible. “Introducing the gamification aspect helps to make the spotting fun and competitive,” Nel said.

The app’s users will have to do “intensive” birding in a 7km by 8km area for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 10 a hours a day over a five-day period.

Information systems specialist at the Animal Demography Unit based at the University of Cape Town, Michael Brooks, said they have taken into consideration the possibility of people trying to “cheat” by reporting false bird sightings.

Brooks said if there is a suspicious sighting, the person who made the sighting has to give a justification on whether it is taken to a committee of regional experts. The committee makes the final decision on whether to accept the sighting or not.

“With the app, we will be able to get information that is live and get real data in real time… It is a project that I believe will be useful to citizens and scientists.”

The data will be used by the SA National Biodiversity Institute which can influence government policy.

Communications co-ordinator at African Parks, Carien Soldatos, said she wanted to take the model and use it for anti-poaching activities in the seven parks the organisation operates in.

“We are looking for a technology solution for park management and anti-poaching. I know Birdlasser is for birds, but we believe we can use it for anti-poaching. We would like to develop something similar to Birdlasser. We are looking especially at getting field data and use it for planning.”

Soldatos said the model would be used by rangers and field guides. This was important as it could monitor fires started by poachers.

Poachers use fires to push animals in a certain direction and isolate them and poach them. We could use satellite images to track fires and send the correct amount of rangers to the scene,” Soldatos said.

The app is currently available on iPhones. But an Android version is currently being developed. The app currently caters for Southern Africa.

Japanese government, corporate media whitewash World War II sex slavery

This video from South Korea is called South Korean ambassador to UN calls on Japan to solve sex slave issue swiftly.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Japanese newspaper retracts term ‘sex slaves’ from wartime coverage

Attempts to portray women who were forced to work in brothels as willing prostitutes at odds with mainstream historical opinion

Justin McCurry in Tokyo

Friday 28 November 2014 11.44 GMT

Japan’s biggest-selling newspaper has apologised for its past use of the term “sex slaves” to describe tens of thousands of women who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels before and during the second world war.

The move by the Yomiuri Shimbun, a conservative broadsheet with a daily circulation of more than 10 million, has fuelled concern that sections of the country’s media have signed up to a government-led campaign to rewrite Japan’s wartime history and portray its actions on the Asian mainland in a more favourable light.

Revisionist attempts to portray the women as willing prostitutes hired by private brokers has soured Tokyo’s relations with South Korea, where many of the victims came from. The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has yet to hold a bilateral summit with his counterpart in Seoul, Park Geun-hye, since he took office in December 2012.

In a statement carried in its Japanese and English-language editions, the Yomiuri said it would continue to use the phrase “so-called comfort women”, a more ambiguous wording critics say downplays the women’s plight.

Many mainstream historians and overseas media use “sex slaves” to describe as many as 200,000 women – mostly from the Korean peninsula – who were forced to work in frontline brothels until Japan’s defeat in 1945.

The Yomiuri said the “inappropriate” descriptions had appeared on numerous occasions in its English-language edition the Daily Yomiuri, now known as the Japan News, for more than a decade up to 2013. …

In line with claims made by leading conservative politicians that there is no evidence that the military coerced the women, the Yomiuri said the previous wording had created the mistaken impression that sexual enslavement was official wartime policy.

“The Yomiuri Shimbun apologises for having used these misleading expressions and will add a note stating that they were inappropriate to all the articles in question in our database,” the paper said in a statement printed in the Japan News on Friday.

The paper cited 97 articles published between 1992 and 2013 that used “sex slave” or “other inappropriate expressions”.

The Yomiuri, a staunch supporter of the governing Liberal Democratic party, said “sex slaves” had never been used in its Japanese edition.

“The expression ‘comfort women” was difficult to understand for non-Japanese who did not have knowledge of the subject. Therefore the Daily Yomiuri, based on an inaccurate perception and using foreign news agencies’ reports as reference, added such explanations as ‘women who were forced into sexual slavery’ that did not appear in The Yomiuri Shimbun’s original stories,” the paper said.

Illegal fox hunting in Britain

This video from Yellowstone Park in the USA says about itself:

Smart red fox – Hunting under snow in an incredible way

A red fox pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath the snow, using his sensitive hearing and the magnetic field of the North Pole to plot his trajectory.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Kills disguised as accidents mock the law

Friday 28th November 2014

Fox hunting is illegal in Britain but weak application of the law and loopholes in the legislation allow many hunts to literally get away with murder, writes PETER FROST

Ten years ago last week the Labour government passed a law to stop the cruelty of fox hunting and indeed all hunting with dogs.

Ten years on and after nearly 527 people have been prosecuted under the act, including employees of Prime Minister David Cameron’s old hunt, the cruel and bloody slaughter still goes on.

Members of the local Oxfordshire hunt with which Cameron used to ride were convicted of hunting foxes illegally. The hunt numbers among its supporters Rebekah Brooks and Jeremy Clarkson.

Hunters Richard Sumner, 68, and Julian Barnfield, 49, of the Heythrop Hunt each pleaded guilty at Oxford magistrates’ court to four charges of unlawfully hunting a wild fox with dogs.

The same hunt also pleaded guilty to the same four charges of intentionally hunting a fox with dogs on land in the Cotswolds.

The excuse of accidentally killing a fox is widespread. Thousands of hunters are escaping prosecution by claiming that kills are accidental.

They have even written in an accidental hunt kill into the BBC Radio Four soap The Archers, normally good propaganda for the Tory hunting ’n’ shooting lobby.

There are just as many fox hunts — over 300 — in Britain as there were when the ban was put in place and foxes, hares and deer are still torn apart in the name of country sports.

Despite promises by Cameron, himself a hunter, before the last election that there would be a free vote for MPs to test continuing support for the act, there has been no parliamentary motion since it received royal assent on November 18 2004.

Cameron is getting worried as Ukip is moving in on the hunting community. Nigel Farage never fails to get his picture taken with the local hunt when the occasion arises. Add to that that many of Cameron’s otherwise loyal MPs are actually opposed to the bloody slaughter of the hunt.

Meanwhile 10 years on animal welfare campaigners are demanding that these wildlife killers should face prison sentences.

The League Against Cruel Sports has called for a strengthening of the law to close what it believes are loopholes in the legislation. The maximum penalty should rise from a £5,000 fine to six months in prison, it urges.

The league’s report points out that polling last year showed that 80 per cent of people in Britain want fox hunting to remain illegal and is now calling for an extension of the act to include a prohibition on the use of dogs below ground where the worst cruelty occurs in hunting.

Not only are wild foxes and badgers pursued underground with limited opportunity to escape but the practice is also cruel to the hunting dogs.

The existing act permits a maximum of two dogs to flush a fox or other quarry towards someone who will shoot it.

The league also calls for a new clause to prevent the killing of wild mammals during a drag or trail hunt.

As I have said, the hunts normally claim these are just unfortunate accidents although the number of kills is large. Many packs of hounds use drag hunts and following trails as a cover for illegal hunting of live foxes.

Maximum penalties need to increase dramatically. Only prison sentences and higher fines will convince these hunters to obey the law.

Joe Duckworth, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, told us: “The Hunting Act has proven to be an effective and popular piece of legislation, with a higher number of convictions than similar wildlife laws. Public support for the prohibition of hunting has always been high, but this has also increased substantially over the past 10n years.

“Yet, since its introduction, the act has been the target of considerable attack from the pro-hunt lobby, which has waged an ongoing and concerted campaign of disinformation to publicly discredit the legislation and promote their campaign for repeal.

“The problem is not with the law. It’s with those that flout it. It is time to now build on the successes of first 10 years and strengthen the Hunting Act to ensure the spirit of the act is fulfilled.”

Defra, the department responsible for animal welfare legislation, does not rule out a vote before the next election. A spokesperson said: “We will bring forward a motion on a free vote enabling the House of Commons to express its view on the repeal of the Hunting Act, when parliamentary time allows.”

The hunt season is now getting into full swing. The biggest day for hunting is Boxing Day, less than a month away. There is no better time to stop the murder in our green and pleasant land and bring peace, harmony and a genuine ban on hunting.

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin killed in the USA

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

The Death of Trayvon Martin

A compilation and interpretation of concrete video and audio evidence from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL. Security camera footage from The Retreat at Twin Lakes clubhouse is synched to George Zimmerman’s 311 call, and to selections of the 911 calls reporting the shooting. After an introductory set-up, the video proceeds in real time. Animated maps are provided to illustrate the movement of George Zimmerman’s truck and the arrival of the police, as revealed by the “light events” in the security footage, and the comments of the 911 callers.

This evidence combines to establish that George Zimmerman was untruthful in a variety of his statements to the police regarding the shooting.

There is a long stretch of the video where not much happens. I have left it unedited to preserve real time both a) for evidenciary purposes – it establishes that traffic inside RATL was minimal that evening other than Zimmerman’s driving around, and I didn’t want to be accused of editing anything out :-), and b) I want to provide viewers the opportunity to feel just how long Trayvon Martin was standing under the mailbox awning before Zimmerman showed up, to understand just far fetched some of Zimmerman’s claims are in terms of the passage of time.

The research and analysis presented in this video is a collective project of contributors to

Note: The little box on the right mis-identifies the music used on the soundtrack. It links to the correct artist and album — ‘Half Mute’ by Tuxedomoon — but the track in the video is “KM/Seeding the Clouds” not “Midnite Stroll.”

From the Jamaica Observer in Jamaica:

Trayvon Martin déjà vu in Ferguson

Thursday, November 27, 2014

ON Monday, a United States grand jury decided that police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted on any charge for the fatal August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. Wilson was never arrested, charged or subjected to any disciplinary action.

The grand jury announcement further jangled nerves already frayed by police killing of a 12-year-old black boy holding a toy gun in a playground in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, and the unpunished killing, earlier, of Trayvon Martin who was armed only with candy and a soft drink. The widely expected verdict in this sordid affair reignites the unresolved debate about racism in policing in America.

The announcement came after the St Louis County Grand Jury met in secrecy 25 times and heard from 60 witnesses before deciding. In a CNN poll, 32 per cent of Americans thought Mr Wilson should be charged with murder and another 25 per cent that he should be charged with some kind of crime. It comes as no surprise that in the latest round of HuffPost/YouGov polling, 64 per cent of black Americans said Mr Wilson was at fault, compared with just 22 per cent of whites.

The whole process has been handled badly, starting with the mayor and the governor whose primary concern was to maintain law and order. Immediately after the Martin and Brown killings, the respective police departments started to supply the media with information suggesting that both youngsters were gang members and were so stupid that they attacked armed officers. Yet no weapons of any kind have been found.

Irrelevant and insensitive comments were made by people, including former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani who said that the shooting was an exception, because 95 per cent of African-Americans are killed by other blacks.

Some 74 per cent of black Americans saw the Brown shooting as part of a larger pattern and not as a freak accident. The number is probably higher in Ferguson, Missouri. The Attorney General’s Office, in a report on racial profiling, found that 86 per cent of traffic stops in Ferguson targeted African-Americans in 2013. The US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world with 707 per 100,000 and African-Americans make up 40 per cent of the almost 2.1 million male inmates in prison, although they account for 12 per cent of the American population.

Wilson has expressed no regret, claiming that his life was in danger and that he acted in accordance with his training. Some eyewitnesses have stated that Brown had his hands up at the time of the fatal shot. If the “no remorse, I have done nothing wrong, I was defending myself” justification seems familiar, it is because neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman used it to exculpate himself in the killing of Martin.

Racial profiling is not only in the former confederate states. In Oakland, California, it is reported that 37 out of 45 officer-involved shootings between 2004 and 2008 were of blacks. None was white. One-third of the shootings resulted in fatalities. Although weapons were not found in 40 per cent of cases no officers were charged. One report claims that there is an extrajudicial killing of African-Americans by police and security guards every 28 hours in the US.

Something has to be done about the killing of unarmed young African-Americans by white cops, and it must start by holding them accountable.

Ferguson Thanksgiving: A Former Slave Proposed the Holiday 55 Years Before Lincoln. Why His Version Matters Today: here.

More than 300 arrested in Los Angeles during Ferguson protests: here.

Cleveland police released a video Wednesday of the shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy killed by a police officer this past weekend. The video clearly shows that a police officer shot Rice within two seconds of pulling up to a park gazebo where he was sitting: here.

Did British politicians abuse, kill children in 1979?

This video from Britain says about itself:

25 October 2012

UK MP Tom Watson bringing intelligence gathered through the conviction of a paedophile, which linked a senior aide to a former British prime minister to a powerful paedophile ring, to the attention of the PM and parliament, seeking further investigation and pursuit of truth.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

‘Kidnapped boy may have been abused and murdered by VIP paedophile ring,’ say police

Martin Allen went missing aged 15 while on his way home in 1979

Lamiat Sabin

Wednesday 26 November 2014

The family of a missing boy have been told by police that he may have been abducted, abused and murdered by a paedophile ring of leading establishment figures.

Martin Allen, the son of the chauffeur of a Australian high commissioner, went missing aged 15 from King’s Cross on his way to home in Kensington in November 1979.

His brother Kevin, 51, has said he was called by Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway of the Metropolitan Police on Friday, who told him she was investigating whether Martin’s disappearance is linked to an alleged ring made up of MPs and senior figures of authority.

Operation Midland, the investigation into the deaths, was set up this month and officers said that Operation Fairbank intelligence has led them to look into whether high-profile officials were involved in organised child sex abuse and murder in the 1970s and 1980s at locations including the Elm Guest House in Barnes, southwest London.

A man only known as Nick, who is in his 40s, claims he was raped by a former Conservative MP and alleges that he saw three boys being murdered. He said one was deliberately run over, a second was strangled by a Conservative MP and the third was killed in front of a government minister. All of the boys were aged between 10 and 14, Nick said.

He had said: “We were asked if we wanted a drink. It was always whisky. Both MPs were brutal. I was raped over a bath-tub while my head was beneath the water.”

The case of Martin Allen’s disappearance was closed in the 1980s, but reopened in 2009 and shut again last year. Mr Allen and his brother, Jeffrey, 61, said that police claimed in 2009 that files has been destroyed by a flood.

“We had to give evidence over again to the police,” Mr Allen said. “But then later, when the case was still open, the two detectives on it told us that a retired police officer had withdrawn the files and gone to Spain.

“They said they had tried to get a warrant to question the officer but couldn’t get it from the Spanish authorities. You don’t know what to believe.”

Jeffrey Allen said the detective who led the case in 1979 had told his family that there were “high-up people involved” and that they should stop talking and “not take it further because someone will get hurt”.

Read more:

Tory MP ‘strangled boy to death’ at sex abuse party, victim claims
‘Child abuse list includes 10 MPs and peers’
MP will name politician ‘involved in child abuse’

Kevin Allen told the Mirror: “I’ve no faith in the police. They failed us.

“Within a couple of months of Martin disappearing, my ­father and I said, ‘There’s something not right here.’ Police weren’t doing enough. They went through the motions.

“So it didn’t surprise me when a senior officer warned me I could get hurt. I’ve always said there was something, Establishment involvement, in Martin’s disappearance.”

The Met said it could not comment on the allegations.

Last week Vishambar Mehrotra, an ex-magistrate and father of Vishal, eight, who was murdered in 1981, said he was called by a male prostitute who claimed that the boy had been taken to the guest house to be abused.

Mr Mehrotra said he had given police a tape recording of the phone call soon after the conversation in 1981 but officers refused to investigate.