17 thoughts on “Police suspect Rupert Murdoch of his empire’s crimes

  1. Is Murdoch, to big to fall? if Scotland Yard has the energy to arrive at the conclusion that this person actually is suspect and is liable to be prosecuted, you would have to take your hat off to think they would do this, it is inconceivable at his age he could be sentenced, if this is possible who would have thought in this age, miracles can happen?

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  7. I really hope he can’t pay his way out of this one. He has too much power over here including friends in parliament who are keen to protect him. I hope justice will be done, but unfortunately I don’t trust our justice system. Would love to see him behind bars and the Murdoch empire made history !

    • If Murdoch, became charged with crimes such as accessory to phone tapping and other criminal offences, the present judiciary and political system would undergo such extensive damage the system would become overloaded, to much for the survival as is, and the society would literally collapse as we know it.

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