14 thoughts on “Greek health care destroyed by austerity

  1. Greek dockers’ strike

    Greek dockers held a 24-hour nationwide strike on Wednesday opposing government plans to sell a stake in the Piraeus Port Authority, part of the privatisation measures imposed in response to the government bail out by the European Union-led troika.

    Hundreds of port employees held a rally in central Athens and then marched to parliament where the proposal was being discussed.


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  10. Greek hospital workers strike

    Public hospital workers in the Attica region stopped work for five hours and held a rally at 11am outside the Ministry of Health. They were protesting the government’s performance evaluation procedure currently being discussed.

    Under the procedure, staff will be rated on their ability to perform their role; those given low scores will be sacked or moved to other roles. It is being used as an exercise to cull staff, with quotas of staff for each level of proficiency, meaning even if staff perform adequately they could still be classed as inadequate if a quota level has been reached for a particular level of performance.


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