Indian gang-raped woman recovering

This video from India says about itself:

Indian woman allegedly gang-raped recovers in hospital

23 Jan 2014

The woman who was allegedly gang-raped in India, on orders from tribal village elders who objected to her relationship with a man, was recovering in a local hospital on Thursday.

So, now at least a bit of good news after yesterday’s horrible news.

Now, one should hope for more good news. Like complete recovery for this woman. Like effective anti-rape policies, in India and elsewhere.

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16 thoughts on “Indian gang-raped woman recovering

  1. No doubt rapes in rise in the society. It is shame to the society as well as to the country wherever it happens. This particular case, is unprecedented in this part of India bcoz this type of “Punishment” rape happened first time in this particular state. In spite of Stringent law & enforcement of the same there is no sign of decline it.

    • Maybe horrible events like this happened before in this area, but public opinion did not know about them. Maybe this criminal attack on this woman has, paradoxically, the sides that now there is widespread indignation, as people know about it; the police prosecutes at least some (one should hope: all) of the perpetrators; and the victim is treated in a hospital. So, even in this darkness of gang-rape there may be faint signs of light, of progress.

      • Incidence of Rape happens everywhere. This part is not excluded but ordering rape as punishment to the helpless girl is a barbaric act which invited attention of all sections of the Society. Even Supreme court has asked reports of the case and the State Govt. has extended all sort of helps like treatment and police protection to that tribal girl. Lets wait & see, if there is a sign of faint light in the darkness.

  2. It’s just awful – I can’t even begin to understand the horror this poor woman has had to endure. I hope she recovers quickly physically but the mental scars will probably stay with her for the rest of her life.

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