11 thoughts on “Christmas Eve massacre, 1913, Michigan, USA

  1. Sounds amazingly like the Ludlow Massacre. Lamont Bowers, the coal mine manager/president, came from the Town of Maine, NY (ten miles from my home) and his letters, to my understanding, are in Binghamton University which is a part of the NY State University System.

    Rockefeller to Lamont Bowers — December 8, 1913

    You are fighting a good fight, which is not only in the interest of your own company but of other companies of Colorado and of the business interests of the entire country and of the laboring classes quite as much. I feel hopeful the worst is over and that the situation will improve daily. Take care of yourself, and as soon as it is possible, get a little let-up and rest.

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  3. It’s still hard to believe that at one time there were immigrants so ungrateful to their gracious owners that they refused to work! It’s also unbelievable that this was the opinion of newspapers and a large portion of the general public.

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