12 thoughts on “Bertolt Brecht’s Good Person of Szechwan on stage

  1. Dear Kitty, thank you for this post on Brecht. Indeed being “good” can be very difficult and a magnet for trouble of all kinds. When I have over two hours free I will view the full production. The trailer and the 14:50 minute one are very intriguing.
    Can one decide to be innately good and then decide to be “bad” easily? Is there not a difference between those who pick when to be “good”–when it suits them and others who cannot deny behaving in accord with their true nature? Of course society often does NOT reward goodness. I wonder why that is?
    “We found a good human being.” Why is that so hard to find?

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      The 14:50 minute video is interesting for being a more Chinese performance.

      See also:


      “This book contains unique information about Bertolt Brecht and East Asian theatre. It focuses in particular on China and offers first and detailed accounts of important Brecht productions from those directly involved.”

  2. I’ve just been getting into Brecht this year after I read ‘Mother courage’ and a collection of his short stories of course he and his life & times are pretty interesting in themselves, I’ll have to check this video out for sure thanks for posting it!

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