13 thoughts on “David Cameron, weapons salesman to dictators, in trouble

  1. Whilst Cameron, is committed to the British public, paying taxes such as the bedroom tax, he with impunity aids and abets the killing of innocent people by the supplying arms and equipment that has on purpose to kill and maim the innocent, having already had one deviant who has similar aspirations as Cameron, Blair, who likewise has endorsed weapons to deviant governments, who are paid off to destroy those who are held in regard as dispensable, usually for the reason of creating fear and submission to criminal groups who have joined a political organization for their own mercenary benefit and by implication the prime ministers mentioned are guilty of being accessories to criminal activity whom are without moral integrity, and a far more important question is how did the British public allow this to happen? I am taking this question as presumable the election was not fixed? of they arrived in power by deviant means appertaining to false pretenses as what now seems similar to Tony Abbott, becoming Prime Minister of Australia, this situation arrising by deception.
    Nevertheless the public are also guilty of becoming swayed by cheap slogans.

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