6 thoughts on “East Timor criticizes Australian oil spying

  1. Australian authority has no conscience as to what they will do in terms of criminal and materialistic gain, the overbearing authoritarianism and superior albeit, bombastic attitude is here for all to see, having Tony Abbott, who would make a better job of being a cage fighter in the amateur section, than Prime minister, still when you get a duffer as Abbott, he was voted in by the public, and they get what they deserve, they are non to bright either, although the voting aberrations in Australia, of recent coming to light, makes one wonder where the missing votes went to? and now we see that the Australian voting system also can be rigged.

  2. Timor was first colonized by the Portuguese in 1520. The Dutch, who claimed many of the surrounding islands, took control of the western portion of the island in 1613. Portugal and the Netherlands fought over the island until an 1860 treaty divided Timor, granting Portugal the eastern half of the island as well as the western enclave of Oecussi (the first Portuguese settlement on the island). Australia and Japan fought each other on the island during World War II; nearly 50,000 East Timorese died during the subsequent Japanese occupation.

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