44 thoughts on “Angela Merkel’s sweatshop Europe plan

  1. You are spot on with this. The “Growth Summit” might unfortunately turn out to be a complete waste of time and money as I don’t believe any nation or economic unit has ever achieved growth by putting people out of work. Thank you for posting this.

    • Thanks for your comment. One may hope that Angela Merkel’s government coalition, which already lost regional elections in Germany, will collapse soon.

      • My sense is that there is still a large percentage of the German Electorate that blame the rise of Hitler on the rampant inflation that preceded World War II. I think that political leaders will avoid inflation at all costs until the current generation dies out.

  2. Hi Richard, the rise of Hitler was due to a complex of factors, including that the German empire’s generals stayed in charge of the armed forces, (bloody) defeats for the political Left in 1919 and later, etc. By the way, just before Hitler became dictator in 1933, there was deflation rather than inflation in the German (and world) economy.

    Ms Merkel’s party right now gets less votes than ever since it was founded in the late 1940s.

  3. Hollande opposes high bosses’ pay

    FRANCE: The new Socialist government will make good its election pledge opposing soaring executive pay.

    The state’s representative at Air France-KLM’s shareholder meeting on Thursday will abstain from a vote on giving the former CEO a €400,000 (£320,000) payout. The government holds a 15.9 per cent stake in the loss-making Franco-Dutch carrier.

    New President Francois Holland pledged to ensure that the highest public-sector salaries are no more than 20 times the lowest.


    See also


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