Bahrain police attack dictatorship victim’s funeral

This video is called Lethal Use of Tear Gas in #Bahrain from Amber Lyon of CNN.

From Associated Press:

March 10, 11:54 AM EST

Clashes erupt after funeral in Bahrain

MANAMA, Bahrain — Police in Bahrain have fired tear gas at protesters following the funeral for a 22-year-old man whose family claims he was fatally injured during clashes earlier this month in the Gulf kingdom.

Witnesses say hundreds of people marched toward a police station after the burial of Fadhel Mirza, who died early Saturday after suffering head injuries March 1.

His family says he was hit at close range by a tear gas canister while walking near street battles between Shiite-led protesters and security forces for Bahrain’s Sunni monarchy. In the clashes after his funeral, witnesses say protesters threw firebombs at police.

More than 45 people have died in 13 months of unrest in Bahrain, where majority Shiites seek greater rights from Sunni rulers.

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Maryam Al Khawaja, a Bahraini human rights defender and the daughter of internationally known human rights defender Abdulhadi Al Khawaja, gave testimony at the 19th session of the U.N. Human Rights Council about the human rights situation in the Middle East: here.

Which Dutch animals die by traffic?

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Oregon Department of Transportation works with partner agencies to protect motorists and wildlife from collisions at wildlife crossing hotspots.

Dutch natural history site has a list of the ten animal species most often reported as mortal victims of traffic.

Some remarks on this roadkill “Top Ten”: probably, small animals are reported less than bigger species victims, and common species are under-reported, contrary to “spectacular” rare species.

The list (translated from Dutch):

1 Hedgehog – Erinaceus europaeus 6073
2 Polecat – Mustela putorius 1303
3 Hare – Lepus europaeus 1057
4 Barn owl – Tyto alba 633
5 Common toadBufo bufo 614
6 Red fox – Vulpes vulpes 559
7 Beech marten – Martes foina 508
8 Rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus 499
9 Brown rat – Rattus norvegicus 435
10 Red squirrel – Sciurus vulgaris 354

Israeli SlutWalk women fight sexism

This video is called Flash-mob protests segregation of women in Israel.

From the Jerusalem Post in Israel:

Israeli women join ‘Slutwalk’ protest movement


03/09/2012 02:15

Less than a year after a group of Canadian women held the Slutwalk protest in response to a policeman’s comment that if women want to avoid being attacked they should not dress like sluts, Israel is poised to follow suit with its first Mitzad Sharmuta (Slutwalk) next week.

“The problem here is that rape is often seen as being the fault of the woman and during court cases or investigations there is always reference to how many partners she might have had in the past or how she was dressed, but that is just not relevant,” Ya’ara Liebermann-Callif, one of the women involved in organizing next Friday’s Slutwalk in Tel Aviv, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview Thursday.

She pointed out that Israeli society is no different in its attitudes towards rape and rape victims than Canada, England, America or any of the other places where similar Slutwalks have been held over the past year.

Israel is a patriarchal society and we are very worried about how women are viewed,” said Liebermann-Callif, a 17- year-old high school student who has actively used Facebook and other social media to attract nationwide attention to the protest that kicks off in Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir at 11 a.m. So far, more than 2,000 people have indicated that they will attend and the initiative has already drawn wide media attention.

Liebermann-Callif said the Tel Aviv protest will be followed by a similar event in Haifa on March 23 and also in Jerusalem sometime in April.

“Women are blamed for all the bad things that happen to them, but no woman asks to be raped or asks for a man to touch her,” she said. “Rape does not happen because someone is behaving in a sexual way, it happens for other reasons completely.”

While the premise of such a protest has most certainly been lauded worldwide as a way for women to speak out against sexual violence – organizers of the original protest said the underlying goal is to redeem the term slut – there has been some debate over using such a derogatory word and over the protest’s crass methods.

In many of the Slutwalks held worldwide women choose to dress provocatively, some wearing only their underwear, to drive home the point that it does not matter what a woman is wearing – she is never asking to be raped or attacked.

Despite the fact that Liebermann-Callif told the Post that women participating in the protest should come dressed however they want, and that women of all ages were invited to join the event, there has already been a local backlash against bringing the global protest to Israel.

Efrat Oren, spokeswoman of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI), said that while the non-profit organization is not involved in organizing the Israeli Slutwalk, it is supportive of the protest’s central message and plans to join next week.

“We have not formulated an opinion on the name or the methods of this protest movement but the idea behind it is very important,” she said.

“It does not matter what women are wearing, they never invite rape on themselves.”

ARCCI, which runs the national hotlines for female and male victims of rape and sexual assault, said it receives more than 40,000 calls each year from women reporting sexual assault.

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First Dutch veined rapa whelk found

These two videos are about veined rapa whelk snails, living underseas.

On 11 December last year, a seashell was found on the North Sea beach near Heemstede in the Netherlands.

That shell has now been identified as the first ever veined rapa whelk in the Netherlands; according to this article in Trouw daily in the Netherlands today.

Rush Limbaugh, United States misogynist

International Women’s Day was two days ago. However, the movement for women’s rights is not limited to just one day. Unfortunately, neither is conservative sexism.

By Robert Greenwald and Jesse Lava, Brave New Foundation in the USA:

How to Honor Rush Limbaugh on International Women’s Day (Video)

Thursday 8 March 2012

As of this writing, 49 sponsors have pulled out of the Rush Limbaugh show after his repeated demeaning remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. But of course, this isn’t the first time Rush has slandered women. Or the second. Or the fifth. Or the tenth. He makes a career out of enflaming misogynistic (not to mention xenophobic, racist, and classist) passions).

So with today being International Women’s Day, we at Brave New Foundation are celebrating Rush Limbaugh with a mash-up of some of his greatest hits on women.

Anyone who wants to contact Rush’s dwindling number of sponsors to demand that they withdraw their support can find a good list here. Can each of us put another nail in the coffin of Rush’s career?

The Self-Destruction Of Limbaugh, Murdoch and Beck: here.

Limbaugh returns to slut shaming: Women who need the pill should stop doing ‘a certain thing’: here.

Adam Peck, ThinkProgress: “Responding to mounting pressure from veterans groups, the US Army confirmed that they would be joining at least 140 other advertisers in pulling their support from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show … 141 advertisers that requested their spots be pulled from the show after Limbaugh’s misogynistic tirade. The Army is on that list. While the military is pulling its ads from Limbaugh, Armed Forces Radio continues to air the show”: here.

Ad Time’s a Terrible Thing to Waste: Strange But True Twists In Limbaugh Scandal: here.

Five Right-Wing Violations Against Women That We Must Crush. Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet: “It’s true that progressives and women’s groups are fighting back with unprecedented vigor, and the campaigns against Komen, against Rush Limbaugh’s sexist smears, against the Blunt Amendment, show that women can organize quickly and powerfully over social media…. The GOP War on Women is in full throttle over a year since it kicked off, taking its toll in particular on the state level where recent data shows that all the posturing has dramatically changed living conditions for women – and not for the better”: here.

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Fighting Fire With Water: The Christian Role in the War on Women. Nynia Chance, RH Reality Check: “Birth should never be about control, but there are those who are working very hard to make it so. There are those who are doing their level best to usurp control over women’s legal and moral rights to their own lives, under the pretense of protecting hypothetical lives that could come into being. And they do so under the idea that it is their divinely-appointed place to ensure that each woman is put into hers, regardless of her own conscience and beliefs”: here.