Irish-Vatican child abuse conflict

This video is about clerical child abuse in Ireland.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Dublin warns Vatican over abuse cover-ups

Friday 09 September 2011

Dublin warned the Vatican today that it expects the Papal enclave’s full co-operation in ensuring that children in Ireland are safe from paedophile priests.

Ministers said that they stood by Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s unprecedented attack on the Catholic hierarchy and maintained their view that Rome had interfered in Irish civil law.

On June 20 Mr Kenny accused the Vatican of frustrating a state inquiry on clerical abuse in the Cloyne diocese as recently as three years ago.

The inquiry found child protection guidelines, including reporting to civil authorities, were not followed.

In its response released last Saturday the Vatican flatly rejected his accusations.

But the government said today that Mr Kenny had reflected the public anger of the overwhelming majority of Irish people and called for “the fullest co-operation from the Holy See, the Catholic church in Ireland and all other relevant bodies with a view to ensuring that Ireland is a society fully safe for children and minors.”

Rupture With Vatican Reveals a Changed Ireland: here.

In a move that will likely be taken in some quarters as a snub, Ireland has decided to close its embassy to the Holy See. In effect, the move means that Ireland will no longer have full-time diplomatic representation at the Vatican: here.

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