Anti-Roma racism in Czech Republic

This video series is called The plight of the Roma.

In recent weeks, the Czech Republic has witnessed violent attacks on the Roma minority, sparked by clashes between Roma and young Czechs: here.

Right-wing demonstrations against Roma in the Czech Republic: here.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Roma racism in Czech Republic

  1. Five to face charges after neonazi rally

    CZECH REPUBLIC: Five people who participated in neonazi rallies over the weekend face charges of attacking police officers, promoting banned organisations and inciting hatred, police reported on Monday.

    The protests directed against Roma citizens were organised by the national socialist Workers Party of Social Justice in Varnsdorf, Novy Bor and Rumburk.

    In Varnsdorf several hundred people attacked riot police who prevented them from marching on a Roma neighbourhood.

    At least two people wore nazi regalia.

  2. Roma hostel hit by petrol bombers

    CZECH REPUBLIC: Two masked men wielding petrol bombs attacked a hostel housing Roma in the town of As on Sunday.

    No-one was hurt but the bombs damaged plaster and set fire to the window of a flat where people had been sleeping.

    The building’s front door also caught fire but residents managed to put both fires out.

    Police are investigating the case as one of “racially motivated reckless endangerment.”

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