Rare Egyptian vulture in Belgium

This video is about an Egyptian vulture.

Belgian daily De Morgen reports, that yesterday an Egyptian vulture was seen near Oostende.

This is only the fourth time ever that this rare species has been spotted in Belgium.

Bulgarian-Dutch efforts to resettle Griffon and Egyptian Vultures bear fruit: here.

Blow for Egyptian vulture conservation as tagged bird is poisoned: here.

The recently published book, ‘The Vultures of Africa. A Coloring Book will be distributed to schools and conservation organisations throughout Africa to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s vultures: here.

Drug ban helps vulture recovery: here.

May 2011: The ban on a veterinary drug which caused an unprecedented decline in Asian vulture populations has shown the first signs of progress, according to scientists. However, the recovery of the wild vulture populations needs the drug completely removed from the birds’ food supply: here.

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7 thoughts on “Rare Egyptian vulture in Belgium

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