Egyptian revolution in Albania?

This video is called At Least Three People Killed In Major Albania Protest.

From China Radio International:

Albanian Opposition Holds New Anti-Government Rally

2011-02-05 01:09:06

Albania’s opposition Socialist Party held a peaceful rally in Tirana on Friday, calling for the downfall of the ruling government over alleged corruptions.

Thousands of demonstrators, led by the opposition leader Edi Rama, marched in central Tirana, but stayed away from the street where the prime minister’s office is located.

During the January 21 rally which turned violent, three people were shot dead and dozens more were injured outside Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s office.

Besides Tirana, people in other three cities across the tiny western Balkan country also took to the streets. No violence has been reported in the demonstrations.

In Tirana, Demonstrators chanted “We want Albania without Sali” and carried banners that read “Berisha Mafia”. Edi Rama was closely escorted by several bodyguards.

At least 5,000 people turned up in the rally in Tirana. The main street about 1,000 meters long was thronged with demonstrators, with onlookers lining the street.

The opposition and the ruling coalition government have been at loggerheads since the 2009 general election. The opposition accused the ruling government of rigging the election and refused to accept its results.

The tension came to a head this month when the Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Ilir Meta was forced from office over corruption allegations.

The opposition has been calling for the resignation of the coalition government led by Sali Berisha and early election, which is due in 2013. Berisha rejected the demand.

“We are determined to fight the regime, and no force could force us to step back,” Rama told reporters after Friday’s rally, saying that a new demonstration has been planned for next Friday.

Women candidates missing from Albanian elections: here.

Berlusconi defends dictator Mubarak

Berlusconi and MubarakFrom Reuters:

BRUSSELS, Feb 4 – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Friday praised Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as a wise man

So, Tony Blair is not the only idiot in Europe supporting the bloody Egyptian dictator.

U.S. [Republican] Senator McCain Compares Arab Pro-Democracy Movements in the Middle East to a “Virus”: here.

US Military Chief Says Aid to Egypt Should Continue: Admiral Mike Mullen says so: here.

The New York Times reports that the US is negotiating with the Egyptian military to force Mubarak, preserve the regime, and put the Vice President and former chief of military intelligence, Omar Suleiman, in charge as transitional president. The US trusts him, of course, because in addition to torturing Egyptians he helped run the CIA’s kidnapping and torturing ring, known as ‘rendition’: here.

BP support for Mubarak dictatorship revealed: here.

US cartoons on Egypt: here.

VIDEO: Wednesday’s attacks by Mubarak’s thugs: here.

Hundreds of thousands flood Tahrir Square for largely peaceful ‘Day of Departure’: here.

Egypt: Release Detained Activists, Journalists: here.

Sign in Tahrir Square, Cairo: “Come on, leave, I want to shave!”

Interview with an Egyptian Protester: here.

Doctors in Cairo insist protester deaths are the work of snipers now targeting Tahrir Square: here.

Two correspondents for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty have been detained in Egypt, according to U.S. Embassy in Cairo: here.

100,000 in Alexandria Today — Support for Tahrir Square: here.

Protests in Tanta today: here.

Chomsky: It’s not radical Islam that worries the US – it’s independence: here.

Hosni Mubarak is for sale on eBay: here.

Revolt in Egypt Inspires Palestinians: here.

Syrian Activists Protest Today in Damascus: here.

Mideast Students in US Riveted by Egypt Revolt: here.

Egyptian solidarity protests this Saturday across Canada — find your city: here.

Demo to support Egyptian people in Lisbon, Portugal. Tomorrow Saturday 3pm, Praça do Município, Lisboa.

After years of mafia threats and what he sees as official indifference, the director of a contemporary art museum near Naples has had enough. In a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he has requested asylum for his museum — and says his entire staff is prepared to move to Berlin if she agrees: here.

Egyptian people fight on

This is a video about demonstrators in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.

Up to a million people flocked into Cairo’s Liberation Square today in a redoubled effort to push President Hosni Mubarak off his perch: here.

Blogger Who Exposed Police Abuse Arrested in Egypt: here.

The UN’s top human rights official condemned attacks on reporters covering pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt today: here.

Egyptians demand end of dictatorship

This video from the USA says about itself:

Renowned feminist and human rights activist Nawal El Saadawi was a political prisoner and exiled from Egypt for years. Now she has returned to Cairo, and she joins us to discuss the role of women during the last seven days of unprecedented protests. “Women and girls are beside boys in the streets,” El Saadawi says. “We are calling for justice, freedom and equality, and real democracy and a new constitution, no discrimination between men and women, no discrimination between Muslims and Christians, to change the system… and to have a real democracy.” [includes rush transcript]

Yet another Western-backed dictator is set to fall from grace. The Shah of Iran, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein — they all refused to concede defeat. And they all fell down. Hosni Mubarak will, too, if he doesn’t review his history books: here.

End U.S. support for Egypt’s dictatorship! Here.

Egypt: Curfew Now in Effect — More People Streaming In: here.

Joel Simon: What Is at Stake With Egypt‘s Media Crackdown. Standing up for the rights of journalists may be our last, best hope of stemming an impending bloodbath that could go down in history as the gravest example of political repression: here.

Mass protests in city of Alexandria: Tens of thousands of people are protesting against President Hosni Mubarak: here.

Rare brook lamprey in London

This video is about brook lampreys spawning.

From Wildlife Extra:

Surprise as lampreys discovered in London River

01/02/2011 10:06:41

Elusive brook lamprey spotted by workers

The seldom-seen, eel-like brook lamprey have been spotted by British Waterways‘ works team on the River Lee Navigation in North London.

While draining a lock as part of their winter maintenance programme, the construction team came across the small fish – a rare spot on the London waterways.

Brook lamprey are filter feeders which live on organic matter and grow to about 14 cm in length. Unlike many similar eel-like creatures which migrate to spawn, brook lamprey make their home and reproduce in the same location – most often in the soft banks of rivers or streams.

Keen to know of other unusual sightings

The unprecedented sighting of this shy creature is good news for British Waterways who manage the linear wetlands formed by London’s canals and rivers. British Waterways’ ecologist, Leela O’Dea said: ‘A large part of our work is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the unique ecosystem that can be found in and around London’s waterways. Understanding which animals and plants are living on our canals and rivers is a very important part of this.

‘Every year we carry out a national wildlife survey where members of the public record their sightings on the waterways. An unusual spot such as this is essential in helping to build up an accurate picture. As we work towards becoming a new waterways charity in 2012 the involvement of local people in activity like this becomes increasingly valuable.’

British Waterways is keen to hear about any other unusual sightings of flora or fauna on London’s canals and rivers. People can get in touch at

River lamprey: here.

Seven new species of fish discovered: here.

Support teens fighting for wild Alaska salmon! Please take ACTION and RT! Here.

June 2011: London’s gardens – which make up nearly a quarter of Greater London – are changing from green to grey, according to a new study. Garden greenspace in the capital’s gardens has been lost at a rate of two-and-a-half Hyde Parks per year driven by recent trends in garden design. While hard surfacing – including decking and paving – increased by more than 25 per cent in the 100 month study period: here.

Egyptian freedom fight continues

Anti Mubarak demonstrators

This video series is about the pro-democracy movement in Egypt.

Egyptians turn out for ‘final push’: Hundreds of thousands flood Tahrir Square for ‘Day of Departure’ against the dictatorship: here.

US ‘Orderly Transition’ in Egypt Really ‘Business as Usual’ in Disguise: here.

Around 5,000 injured since unrest began, Egypt’s health minister tells Al-Arabiya network: here.