Homophobia threat in Uganda

This video from the USA is called Is ‘The Family’ Behind Anti-Gay Bill That Includes Execution?

Death penalty for gays will be law soon, Ugandan lawmaker says: here.

Uganda Anti-Gay Bill to Become Law: here.

Ugandan paper ordered to stop outing homosexuals: here.

This is a Dutch TV video about homophobia in Uganda.

Frank Mugisha, chair of the NGO Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMU), is no stranger to receiving threats because of his sexual orientation, a November 5 Amnesty International statement said: here.

Uganda: US evangelicals spread homophobia: here.

Uganda: Army Harassing Us, Say Opposition: here.

Woman investigator detained by Ugandan authorities for helping human rights activist: here.

Guantánamo Bay kangaroo court case based on Islamophobia

Guantánamo Bay: A key witness in the case against former child soldier Omar Khadr based his testimony in part on the work of Danish psychologist and anti-Muslim bigot Nicolai Sennels: here.

This video is called United Nations Urges U.S. To Consider Child Solders Laws In Omar Khadr Case.

From CBC in Canada:

The United Nations representative on child soldiers says Omar Khadr should not be imprisoned in the United States but rather returned to Canada to be rehabilitated.

The Canadian government has aided and abetted the prosecution and persecution of child soldier Omar Khadr, from the time that it first learned of the detention of a Canadian citizen at Guantanamo Bay through this week’s plea-bargain: here.

A federal court jury on Wednesday unexpectedly acquitted Guantánamo detainee Ahmed Khaifan Ghailani on 284 charges related to the 1998 terrorist attacks on the US Embassy in Tanzania: here.

Cable exclusive: The secret Obama administration memo on child soldiers: here.

President Barack Obama’s hopes of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility appear as far from being realised as ever in the wake of new legislation approved by Congress this week: here.

Social lapwing discovery in Turkey

From BirdLife:

Erzhan helps locate important new staging site for Sociable Lapwing in Turkey

Thu, Oct 28, 2010

This autumn researchers from Doga Dernegi (BirdLife in Turkey) have been actively monitoring Sociable Lapwings as they pass through Eastern Turkey.

On September 26th, DD staff searching in the north east of the country located sixty Sociable Lapwings in two separate flocks of 30 birds at a previously identified Turkish staging site on the Erzurum Plain.

On September 28th, DD researchers monitoring birds near the Syrian border in the far south-east of Turkey, then discovered a large flock of 498 Sociable Lapwings had already reached another well known staging site – Ceylanpinar. During the monitoring, one of DD’s Volunteers – Mustafa Erturhan – filmed this video of the flock.

On October 3rd, RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) received a satellite transmission from Erzhan (one of nine satellite-tagged Sociable Lapwings currently being monitored) indicating he was close to the town of Patnos some 30k. north of the Van Golu lake in central Turkey. DD staff were alerted and went straight out to search for Erzhan (and the flock he was travelling with there) but the habitat proved unsuitable and no birds could be located, so it is probable that he was just passing through.

Despite only five Sociable Lapwings being found in the vicinity of Patnos during the next few days, searches continued in the Malazgirt and Bulanlik Plain (see map below) and on October 9th DD’s efforts were rewarded when a flock of 101 Sociable Lapwings was located there.

The following day researchers were even more successful when they discovered another much bigger flock of 554 birds close by, which is the largest gathering of migrating Sociable Lapwings encountered so far this autumn. So, despite Erzhan not being relocated in this flock, he has yet again pointed the way and helped DD discover another important new staging site in eastern Turkey.

Turkey bird photos: here. And here.

Software deciphers the calls birds use to communicate on their migration routes: here.