Hitler’s teeth filled with murdered Jews’ gold

This music video is Spike Jones’ song “Der Fuehrer’s Face”. Lyrics are here.

From the Daily Telegraph in Britain:

Hitler had fillings made from gold torn from mouths of Jews

Adolf Hitler had dental fillings made from gold torn from the mouths of Jews in concentration camps, a new book on the Führer claims.

By David Wroe in Berlin
Published: 5:41PM BST 08 Oct 2009

The theory is based on a newly discovered document that shows Hitler‘s dentist had about 11lbs of dental gold from the concentration camps at his disposal for the treatment of senior Nazis.

Co-author Henrik Eberle, a historian who has written several successful books on the Nazi leader, said dentist Hugo Blaschke had put 10 fillings in Hitler‘s mouth in 1944.

“The most likely place the gold came from is from the supply Blaschke had from the concentration camps,” Dr Eberle told the Daily Telegraph.

“Most of this came from Jews. Gold from other sources was very hard to find in Germany and that is why I believe that Hitler’s fillings came from Jewish victims of the Nazis.”

It is well established that the Nazis removed gold teeth and fillings from their concentration camp victims.

The new document is a 1941 letter from one of Blaschke’s underlings to the office of SS commander Heinrich Himmler. It states that Blaschke had 50 kilograms of dental gold enough to last for years.

Blaschke was also the personal dentist to Luftwaffe commander Hermann Göring and other senior Nazis.

The new book, titled Was Hitler Ill?, and coauthored by Hans-Joachim Neumann, a professor of medicine at Berlin’s Charité University, also dismisses popular rumours about Hitler: that he may have had Jewish ancestry, that he was beaten by his father, and that he had a long term drug addiction.

Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews ‘stemmed from First World War': here.

Artist displays Auschwitz model made from gold teeth of Holocaust victims: here.

Influential Jewish groups in the US urged Clinton to raise with Hague the [British] Conservatives’ decision to enter a European parliament coalition with a Latvian party, some of whose members participate in an annual service commemorating Latvian units of Hitler’s Waffen-SS, and a Polish politician who has questioned the need to apologise for an anti-Jewish pogrom during the second world war: here.

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