British armed forces racism in Afghanistan

This video from Britain is called Prince Harry’s Racist Remarks Towards Fellow Soldier.

From British daily The Guardian:

Muslim abused by RAF officers, tribunal hears

* James Sturcke

* Thursday 10 September 2009 21.38 BST

A Muslim RAF medic was called a “terrorist” and “Paki” and was assaulted by superior officers while on duty in Afghanistan, a tribunal heard today.

A sergeant also grabbed the medical officer by the throat in front of colleagues in a racially motivated attack, the employment tribunal in London was told, and the armed forces’ failure to properly investigate the 2007 incident amounted to a further instance of racial discrimination.

Details of the alleged abuse suffered by the man, known only as AB, can now be reported after a judge partially lifted restrictions relating to some witnesses.

During cross-examination Warrant Officer Nicolas Harper of the RAF’s equal opportunities investigation team (EOIT) accepted the alleged abuse was of a “particularly serious nature” deserving of an “expeditious resolution”.

Details of the Afghanistan incident were heard in private but it is understood it took place in Helmand province in 2007 where AB was posted with a specialist unit.

Afghan journalists blame NATO for colleague’s death

This video is called NATO Airstrike Kills 90, Including About 40 Civilians.

No, this item from Afghanistan is not about this Kunduz raid, where NATO airplanes killed so many Afghan civilians … or about these Kunduz mass graves … it is about another Kunduz raid.

From the Belfast Telegraph in Ireland:

Afghan journalists slam NATO over Kunduz raid

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A group of Afghan journalists has criticised NATO over the raid mounted yesterday to free a kidnapped Western journalist.

New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell, who has dual British and Irish citizenship, was freed during the operation in Kunduz.

However, his Afghan interpreter Sultan Munadi was shot dead along with two Afghan civilians and a British soldier.

In a statement today, the Media Club of Afghanistan condemned the Taliban for abducting the two men last week, but blamed NATO for Mr Munadi’s death and slammed the Western military alliance for leaving his body behind at the scene.

The organisation says NATO launched a military operation to free Mr Farrell without exhausting other channels.

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The prosecutor of the international criminal court is collecting information on alleged war crimes committed by Nato and the Taliban in Afghanistan: here.

A Madrid-based think tank has called on the UN to break the bloody Afghan stalemate by brokering peace talks and negotiating a broader political solution in the region: here.

Controversy over the SAS-led operation to free a New York Times journalist held captive in Afghanistan is being used to make demands that will curtail any objective and honest reporting from the war zones created by British and US imperialism: here.

New coral species discovered in Galapagos waters

This video is called White-tipped Reef Shark in the Galapagos.

From British daily The Guardian:

Scientists have discovered three new coral species – and one that was thought to be extinct – in an extensive survey of reefs around the Galapagos Islands, raising hopes that reefs may be more resilient to rising sea temperatures than previously thought.

Honeycomb coral (Gardineroseris planulata) had apparently been wiped out in in 1997-98 by the last big El Niño event. This natural periodic event affects weather globally and another is expected this year. But the study around the relatively unexplored areas of the coasts of Wolf and Darwin islands to the north-west of the main archipelago turned up several separate colonies. …

The three new coral species are from the genera Hydrozoanthus, Parazoanthus and Antipathozoanthus. They also found a fourth possible new species and other corals that were thought not to inhabit the waters around the Galapagos.

A team of geologists led by Cindy Ebinger of the University of Rochester have deployed 16 seismic sensors on one of the Galapagos Islands to study the processes of ocean island formation — particularly those that occur right above mantle “hotspots”: here.

Vanishing coral reefs, photos here.